Prosthesis: the anti-robot

Posted on: May 10, 2013

Found on eatART.org, a website of a Vancouver based technology art collective: Prosthesis, another exo-skeleton based artwork comparable to the works of Stelarc.


According to eatART Prosthesis is

an independent art project by Jonathan Tippett. It is a 5m tall, 3000kg, four-legged wearable walking machine, powered by a cutting edge, modular, expandable hybrid-electric power plant. Prosthesis uses this power to amplify the pilots movements through a full body, on-board exo-skeletal interface. The machine has no computerized control system or giros and is entirely dependent on the skill of the pilot to operate properly. The pilot’s skill and the configuration of the power system all contribute to the machines overall efficiency.This relationship reminds us, in very immediate way, how our use of technology can convert small acts in to movements of great consequence.

The Prosthesis project has it’s own website were you can track it’s progress: http://www.anti-robot.com .

“Anti-Robot” because according to the Prosthesis website:

Prosthesis is not being built to fulfill any practical need. It is not a tool, nor a weapon, nor a rehabilitation device. The purpose of Prosthesis is to explore what it means to be human by creating a challenging, completely unprecedented, interactive human-machine experience. Prosthesis is being built to push the age old pursuit of mastering a physical skill in to new territory. Prosthesis is a new sport, a new dance, a new martial art.
Prosthesis reminds us to question whether or not we really want to automate everything we do. It asks us to remember our bodies—remember how it felt when we first rode a bike—when we fist did a cartwheel—when we first landed a jump. It puts the human back in the driver’s seat, and then makes them learn to walk again.

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