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I am an avid fan of everything the Future Sound of London (FSOL) did or does. In the ’90s they (re)introduced psychedelica in electronic dance music after the grim industrial electronic body music (EBM) of the ’80s. To get acquainted with FSOL, this Astralwerks press kit video sums up the start of their ’90 career and DIY attitude in just over 10 minutes:

I have been following them ever since, from the acid house of Stakker Humanoid ( I still have the  original 45 single!) through  the techno of Papua New Guinea , their live ISDN transmissions to  the psychedelic  rock of The Amorpheus Androgynous.

Part of the attraction of FSOL was not only the music, but their groundbreaking videos as well, which in the ’90s were even sometimes shown on MTV! Especially the videos belonging to the Lifeforms and Dead Cities albums were – and still are – amazing. I have been looking  for a DVD containing these videos for some time on the web (and even e-mailed FSOL about it), but didn’t found one yet. And I am not the only one according to this 2009(!) post on the  FSOL News blog:

The phrase ‘FSOL DVD’ has been one in the back of the FSOL fan’s mind for something like seven years now. We’re not sure if this is the one, or maybe it’s just a DVD of the Athens show and little else, but Gaz (FSOL) has mentioned it on the first official footage of that performance here on YouTube.

The long-awaited FSOL videos DVD still isn’t there: if you search their webshop fsoldigital.com on “DVD” or “video”, the best result is a download of “Neotropic – Small Moves“, a collection of short Super8 films created by Oliver Marlow to accompany the White Rabbits release of Neotropic:

However, some of the FSOL videos occasionally pop up on YouTube. For all of you too young to have seen them watching ’90s MTV, I have added some of them to this post. Here they are from Stakker Humanoid, to Papua New Guinea, to Lifeforms and finally 25 minutes of Teachings From The Electronic Brain by Yage .

Take a trip and enjoy….!

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