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Reblogged from the Global Art Junkie blog: new media art from Spain..


From Emily McDermott’s blog: an interview with Mariko Mori about her latest works and exhibitions.


A rather awkward Dutchlish TEDx talk by Dutch interactive art designer Tim van Cromvoirt on YouTube:

However, the contents of his presentation and his art works are interesting: check his website and work!

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Is it kinetic art, or kinetic kitsch? I am not sure:

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Give your opinion on Anthony Howe’s work:




Here I have both Musictech’s write up from this past year (2013) of the top ten best hardware synths and also Musicradar’s own list from 2009 of their greatest hardware synths of all time. Each are interesting reads; Musictech’s lineup of synthesizers can give you an idea of synths still on the market if you are a soon to be buyer, Musicradar’s review of all time great synths can show you some synths of the past that you probably can’t find anymore but could find samples of on youtube to hear them. Both articles give you a little bit of information of each synth which is sweet and to the point. Always you could look…

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From the album  Commercial Mouth of Jar Moff released by Pan records in 2013:

This is the Pan promo text belonging to the record:

Commercial Mouth’ is the debut LP from Jar Moff, an Athens based artist working in collage forms. This is his first full-length LP. Both his visual and aural oeuvre take the form of cut up and reformations in the manner of previous PAN stablemates like Joseph Hammer and Ghedalia Tazartes, remodeling the past in order to create something new out of the modern detritus, and nestles in nicely alongside the recent ‘Diversions 1994-1996’ release from Lee Gamble. The result is a baffling yet functioning head-on collision between early plunderphonics and an abstracted futuristic hip hop aesthetic.

BTW: play the video full screen and turn the volume loud!


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