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I watched Amon Tobin’s performance of his latest “ISAM” album live on the closing night of STRP 2011.
Instead of the usual boring DJ – bent – over – a – desk – and – waiving – stupidly – with – his – hands, Tobin’s DJ booth was integrated in a large 3D video wall which displayed a dazzling array of video fragments following the music:

An impressive combination of intricate sound sampling and VJ-ing. The claim on www.amontobin.com that this combination of music and video art provides “a beyond 3-D experience experience” by providing a “stunning multi-dimensional/shape shifting 3-D art installation surrounding Tobin and enveloping him and the audience” was fulfilled IMO, although there was not much (if any) interaction with the audience during the concert: it was so overpowering that you just watched it..

Altogether much more interesting than the Aphex Twin concert which followed “”ISAM Live”  and seemed to meander on and on…

Visited STRP 2011 last Saturday evening and was quite disappointed by the expo and rather bland music concerts: uninspiring techno DJs and an expo focused on the quite humble history of Dutch media and technology art. Quite a change compared to the exiting international STRP 2010 programme. However, in the expo some video’s were shown of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeesten (“Beach beasts”) kinetic art pieces. These mixtures between Tinguely, Panamarenko, robots, plumbing and prehistoric life forms still remain fascinating and one of a kind:

Visited  Theo’s Strandbeest.com web site afterwards to view some of these works in detail. And immediately bought his book “De Grote Fantast” (“The Great Pretender”) in his web shop to get more acquainted with his work.

The Great Pretender book + DVD

Although I am not sure if the Strandbeesten fit the moniker “media art” (kinetic art seems more appropriate), this work still stands out in an otherwise quite bland STRP edition.

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