Female sound art noises: Qin Yufen

Posted on: March 13, 2013

Fellow art blogger Gwen Kuo commented on my post on noise wizard Tim Kaiser with a link to a post on the work of female sound artist Qin Yufen. Born in the Chinese town of Qindao in 1954, artist Qin Yufen has spent the last 15 years living and working in Berlin. This cross-cultural biography is  reflected in her site-sensitive installation work. Combining western artistic techniques with such symbolically eastern materials as bamboo, rice paper, and silk, Qin engages an ongoing dialogue between form and content, regionalism and internationalism, and East and West. At times serious, humorous, sublime, and simple, the aesthetics of her painterly sculptures and sound installations have been compared with traditional Chinese poetry, especially in her use of metaphor.

Qin’s site-specific sound installations present sublime aesthetics which have been compared with classical Asian painting“, according to Gwen Kuo. A video and pictures of several of her sound  installations can be found on Gwen’s Gwenart blog in the post “Qin Yufen : Sound, Art, Chinoisuire“. Check this post and other art related posts out on this interesting blog.

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