Aether Zither

Posted on: August 10, 2014

There seems to be something wrong with this video, but the result blends in nicely with the sounds generated by the zither:



Meng Qi is a  noise boxes builder from China and versions of this instrument seem to be for sale, see http://mengqimusic.com/AetherZither :

Aether Zither 以太筝 - built by Meng Qi, is an electro-acoustic musical 
instrument. It’s playing surface is assembled with springs, speakers, 
knobs and touch points. 
The combination of mechanical and electric aspects makes it an one 
of a kind and fully expressive instrument.
The Synthesis engine of AZ - Sidrassi, designed by Peter Blasser - 
is a true analog polyphonic synthesizer circuit. 
It has an unique approach regarding synthesis principle. 
There is a parameter called chaos - it controls the modulation depth 
among the voices, which would result in different level of noisy texture. 
Addtional to it, there are also touch points which allows the player to 
perform touch circuit-bend.

More information:

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