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DROMOS is a audiovisual performance created for the MUTEK 2013 festival held in Montreal in May and June 2013. The performance is based on  the work of French thinker Paul Virilio. Several years ago, after noticing the impact of speed in the organisation of our societies, he developed the concept of dromology (the science of speed in human society). Virilio sets the grounds for a new paradigm around new technologies, the way we interact with them and he starts questioning our future.

Artists Maotik and Fraction use these ideas on dromology  to create Dromos, an audiovisual universe where the so-called “mediatic” speed is the main factor of interaction between media.  They immerse the audience in a sensorial landscape undergoing constant construction and deconstruction leading to aesthetics accidents, mutant movements and poetical moments. The audience experienced each part of the show through the flow of granular textures, broken (unstructured) beats and generative visuals.

BTW: watch the Vimeo video in full screen mode on your screen!

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Found through the Feminatronic blog: some articles, videos etc. on  Louis and Bebe Barron, two American electronic music composers  who made the score for the classic sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet in the 1950’s:

The Barrons didn’t get the credits as music composers of the score of this classic movie, however. This article on the NPR Music website from 2005 explains why and how they became “forgotten pioneers” of electronic music. But all was not lost: Louis and Bebe Barron continued to compose electronic music up until the turn of the century and thus were not completely forgotten. They now even have their own Wikipedia article, which saves their work for future generations…

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Fragile Territories is a laser and sound installation by Robert Henke (a.k.a. Monolake). The installation runs on three Mac Mini computers, two for the four lasers and one for sound, code written in MaxMSP.

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