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Found on the Soniccouture web site : CrowdChoir.
The Crowdchoir project was an experiment in crowd-sourcing by Soniccouture, a company specializing in sampler VSTI’s : they asked people all around the world to each sing one note from a 3 octave range. Then they layered these recordings in a sampler to create a unique vocal sound – a wash of different voices in different rooms in different countries.

CrowdChoir VSTI

The project was a great success according to Soniccouture: over 1000 people contributed to a final total that exceeded 4000 different notes.
The instrument is now finished, and can be heard and bought on the Soniccouture web site. It costs 20,- Euro and all profits from Crowdchoir sales will be donated to The Red Cross by Soniccouture.

Currently MU gallery in Eindhoven is exhibiting “funware” or “software dealing with this Fun-factor in software development”. Seventeen projects of funware artists are shown in which playing with software is the starting point, are being brought together in MU.

The exhibition includes the “Naked on Pluto” work by Marlous de Valk, one of the most well-known Dutch funware artists IMO.
She is part of GOTO10, an international collective of artists and programmers working in the field of digital art and Open Source Software. She is also the editor of the FLOSS+Art ebook, which “critically reflects on the growing relationship between Free Software ideology, open content and digital art. It provides a view onto the social, political and economic myths and realities linked to this phenomenon”. Worthwhile to check out the links and free e-book if you are interested in software-as-as-an-art.

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