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Bryce Dessner, guitar player of  US rock band The National is currently the composer-in-residence of the Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven.

As part of the Composer in Residence series of the Muziekgebouw, a concert will be given on Thursday 07/11 by New York all-star band Bang-on-a-Can, who will be joined by special guest Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth fame.  Bang-on-a-Can All Stars have included several contemporary composed guitar pieces in their repertoire, such as the Electric Counterpoint classic of Steve Reich:

The pieces played are made by contemporary composing rock guitarists, including Fred Frith, one of my all-time favorite guitar players:

  • Bryce Dessner (The National) – Gloucester 27
  • Bryce Dessner (The National) – Shut your Eyes against the Wind
  • Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) – Stroking Piece #1
  • Fred Frith – Snakes & Ladders
  • David Longstreth (Dirty Projectors) – Instructional Video, Matt
  • Damon, Breakfast at J&M
  • Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) – How Deep are Rivers

With this program, this may be a very interesting first crossover concert of Bryce Dessner’s stay as a composer-in-residence IMHO.  So I will be there.

Check for more information:

Stumbled upon this interesting video by Adrian Belew on the history of guitar noise:

Being a guitarist for over 35 years more focused on experimenting with sounds and sound effects than on creating melodies, this is a very interesting topic to me. And Adrian Belew is of course the nr. 1 noise master on electric guitar in the world (remember “Remain in Light“, King Crimson etc.?). The video is part 2 in a series of 3, check the other 2 on YouTube if you are interested in (the history of) guitar noises, effects pedals and Adrian Belew’s playing.

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