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Fragile Territories is a laser and sound installation by Robert Henke (a.k.a. Monolake). The installation runs on three Mac Mini computers, two for the four lasers and one for sound, code written in MaxMSP.

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Ryoichi Kurokawa is an Japanese artist who lives in Germany (Berlin). His works take on multiple forms such as concert piece, screening works, recordings and installation. These works are shown at international festivals and museums including Tate Modern [UK], Venice Biennale [IT], ARS Electronica [AT], Transmediale [DE], Mutek [CA] and Sonar [ES].

Ground – a work from 2011-  appears like a still image within the animated sequence, as the transitions from one motion to the next are slurred and extended. The fragmented images and sounds spark tension and underscore that this work was inspired by the battle grounds of the Middle East during war time. Even if such terrain is not scenic, it’s still a natural setting upset by violence.

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The sound automat is filled with sound contributions by the following sound artists: Steinbrüchel (CH), Richard Chartier (USA), Pe Lang (CH), Kenneth Kirschner (USA), Fm3 (CN), Mahmoud Refat (EGY), Freiband (NL), Bloom (CH), Florian Dombois (GER), Dale Lloyd (USA), Longmo (CH), Wangfan (CN), Luigi Archetti (I), Strotter Inst. (CH), Jason Kahn (USA), Heribert Friedl (A), Yuzo Kako (JP), Autobam (I) and Zimoun (CH).

Seaquence is an experiment in musical composition. Adopting a biological metaphor, you can create and combine musical lifeforms (on the website – nnnoises) resulting in an organic, dynamic composition. You can save and share your composition in the website.

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